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Paint Tinting Services

The senior management of the Machine Guys have been the driving force behind some of the biggest tinting equipment roll outs in the UK and Europe, with a 100% on time and on budget success rate.

We are all service technicians who have worked hands on with a wide variety of equipment, we therefore understand exactly how important the equipment is to you and your business.

We have found solutions over the years to suit specific customer needs, a tinting setup is not an out of the box solution and we understand this. We can therefore work with you to make your money making machine work better you.

We think we are different to other options within the industry for the installation and service of your tinting equipment. Our primary ethos is quality ‘that will do’ is a forbidden phrase in our company, it must be perfect every time!

Size really does not matter; we are as comfortable working with customers who have one piece of equipment as we are with a customer having a thousand pieces of equipment. As a well-known fruit-based electronics manufacturer quotes ‘It does not matter if you have one device or five hundred devices, you are an important customer’.

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