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Paint Tinting Services -

Tinting Equipment Installation and Service

Why use The Machine Guys for your Installation & Service? Simple, we know what we are doing, we have been doing it a long time.

We can offer onsite installation or workshop setup so it is a quick painless experience on site with Plug & Play, we will of course offer complete training on the new equipment and software onsite on the agreed installation day.

Your equipment needs to be serviced, we can service your dispenser, mixer and shakers. This can be done at service intervals chosen by you. A tinting machine is much like a car, if you use it all day everyday then it will need more service than if it is used very little, we can recommend the service interval required based on usage.

We offer breakdown repairs and service visits where the whole process will be documented and communicated back to you with a full report of actions taken, machine health, recommended remedial work and housekeeping tips.

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