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Media Blasting

Media Blasting your items cleans them for you to do as you wish, or in preparation for powder coating or Cerakoting by us.

We are able to soda blast items which is less aggressive method than traditional sand blasting, although sand is no longer used as a media, it is now aluminium oxide made up of different levels of coarseness that is used. We can also blast with walnut shells which are really effective on wood as it does not cause damage to the substrate as aluminium oxide would.

As a rule of thumb…

Aluminium Oxide (Sand Blasting) is used for the stripping of old paints and coatings from steel and iron and to give a good key for final coating.

Soda Blasting is used for aluminium or softer metals that could be damaged by the more aggressive Aluminium Oxide. Soda can also be used on wood to very good effect.

Walnut Shell is slightly more aggressive than soda and can be used on woods for cleaning and stripping to good effect.

We can perform all of these at our premises in our purpose-built blasting room, which contains a cabinet blaster for smaller items and pot blasters for larger items.

Soda is good for the cleaning of commercial kitchen equipment, not only because it brings items up like new but also because it is simply sodium bicarbonate so a good wash to remove the dust and they are good to go.

media blasting